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Thermal Imaging Inspection Las Vegas

Thermal Imaging


Home Shield Inspections goes the extra mile offering thermal Imaging inspections! The standard home inspection includes only those items and discrepancies which the inspector can visually note. With thermal imaging the inspector can see more. Thermal imaging is used for the detection of:
  • Water infiltration
  • Cold air infiltration
  • Excessive moisture in building materials
  • Stud/Joist/Beam/Rafter placement
  • Insulation gaps
  • Electrical components
  • Heating and cooling duct placement/ air leaks
  • Pipe location
Request your thermal imaging Inspection to protect yourself further and get piece of mind on even those issues you can't see.


We do have a drone available to use to visually inspect the conditions of inaccessible rooftops
(Two story or concrete/clay tile rooftops) 
  • Live feed
  • Roof footage available to buyer upon request
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