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Home Inspections


Home Shield Inspections offers inspection services tailored to the customers  needs. Whether your a buyer, seller, realtor or investor, Home Shield Inspections is the Inspection Company you can count on. 

Let Home Shield Inspections Inspect to Protect you!

House Inspection Las Vegas
For the Buyer

We know the home buying process can be scary and you are making one of the largest investments you will ever make. That is why we offer top of the line inspections to protect you and your investment. Don't buy a house blind, make sure you know what your getting into. 


Home Shield Inspections are performed with the Buyer in mind to shore up your decision and give you the piece of mind essential for what is one of the most important purchases and investments you will make. We can identify any problems there may be BEFORE you move in. All formal real estate offers should contain an inspection contingency for you to choose an inspector of your choice. Choose Home Shield Inspections to protect your investment!

Property Inspection
For the Seller


Home Shield Inspections brings value to the property by giving the home a clean bill of health that can be given to potential buyers, or by identifying potential problems that you should know before putting the property up for sale, enabling you to solicit bids from contractors to determine the cost of repair.

For the Realtor/Broker

Home Shield Inspections provides you, the real estate professional, with a pre-listing property evaluation to give your customers the piece of mind they want and ensure you are in compliance with all Full Disclosure Laws.  Buy listing your properties as "Professionally Inspected by Licensed Inspectors" you can set your business apart from the rest.

Commercial Inspection Las Vegas
Home Shield Inspections offers the same thorough and detailed inspections for Commercial properties. Just like all of our other services we Inspect to protect the customer. Call us now to schedule your commercial Inspection.
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